Our advanced logistics support

in all segments of operations guarantees that our collaboration will unfold smoothly and to your satisfaction all the way from your order to our delivery of goods at the designated location. Trained and dedicated staff, a large and modern warehouse with a 7 ton forklift and a GPS vehicle tracking system are just a few highlights of our logistics services.

Our team

Our specialised team guarantees professional and quality services. We are flexible and understand our customers’ needs.

Your satisfaction is our primary concern. As a true business partner, we advise and assist you in searching for the optimal solution.

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GPS vehicle tracking system

In 2000, we were among the first operators to fit all our vehicles with a GPS tracking system to monitor their journeys and current locations.

This enables us to provide the customer with information at any moment on the current location and the time of arrival of the goods at the destination.


Our own spacious, modern warehouse with technical surveillance offers flexibility in the transshipment, storage and dispatch of goods.

In the warehouse, shipments are grouped together awaiting transport throughout Slovenia and Europe, and we can keep your goods in storage for extended periods.

Load handling

Our modern equipment and adequate space ensure smooth, safe and efficient load handling.

Our forklifts, with 1–7 ton capacities, can handle loads with demanding dimensions or weights.